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Mindful Health

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Be mindful about your health!

Your nutrition, your exercise regime, your mental state…

Take notice of every bite, every move, every emotion, every thought.

When you start to process what you are doing in the moment, you appreciate and enjoy the experience so much more.

Let’s take food as an example.

It’s so easy to grab some lunch on the go and eat when walking to the next meeting. But when doing this, your brain isn’t processing that you’re eating, leaving you to still feel hungry after a meal. We can take the French meal time approach on board, sometimes their meals can last up to 4 hours! Surrounded by family and friends, giving their food time to digest and their brain time to signal that they are full. Food is a joyful, integral part of their life, how it should be!

All our answers are within, we need to start listening to our body more to life a fulfilling life.

We should recognise the signs of our body needing to rest and recover. When we’re exhausted, we have to slowdown before it leads to other health complications, mentally and physically. There is no shame in this, going at 100mph isn’t sustainable and should not be the goal! Let’s look after ourselves and know when a rest is needed. Checking in with our body daily prevents drastic measures being taken after you’ve completely burnt out like quitting your job or putting stress on a relationship.

Keep checking in with your health, don’t neglect any area of it and really listen to what your body is really craving, it’s essential for a healthy, balanced life!

Written by Sophie Tune

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