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Do you have complete rest?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

How often do you take complete rest?

From work, chores, workouts, social media?

You may quite easily take rest from workouts a few times a week, knowing that your active body needs the rest, you can physically feel it.

But your active mind is just as important although we don’t tune into it as much, we almost ignore the signs and carry on, working at much lower productivity levels.

This will catch up with us and can cause long-term health issues, mentally and physically.

We don’t want that to happen, so here’s what we want you to do:

  1. If you can’t remember the last time you switched off from everything, do it soon, perhaps this weekend.

  2. If your sleep is suffering, you need to log out of work mode and take time off.

  3. If tasks are taking longer than usual, you need to catch up on sleep and do what relaxes you most.

Listen to your intuition, if you know you are not working at your best and you don’t feel 100% productive, you have to take a step back.

It’s hard.

It’s hard to switch off when you’re working from home, you have technology surrounding you and it seems like everyone around you isn’t taking time out either.

But you NEED it.

It is essential to every human.

And if you worry about taking time out, repeat this sentence…

‘With regular rest, I will come back to work stronger, more efficient and full of ideas. No more brain fog, no more terrible nights sleep. I will be better for me, for my family and for my colleuages. It is essential that I rest!’

Will you commit to time out?

Do it for your health and well-being!

We talk more about valuing your time in our FREE Value Yourself Challenge, from 22nd-26th June – join us here.

Photo by Angelina Kichukova on Unsplash

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